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Would you laugh because you’ve heard it all before? Would you roll your eyes because that’s what they ALL say – those Change People, right? Or would you actually take a moment to LISTEN?

I’ve carefully encapsulated corporate change as an EXPERIENCE because the process involves your most important asset – your people.

Contrary to other Change Experts, I don’t believe change is managed or handled – that’s how you deal with things, not human beings.

This is my winning formula that’s helped me successfully manage more than 10 corporate change programs globally.

If I told you that there’s a formula to experience corporate change, how would you react?


It’s no longer adequate to ONLY discuss the topic of business change when new systems are introduced or the organogram is reshuffled. Leading a high performing workforce today requires maintaining an OPEN DIALOGUE for change-related topics regularly instead of hiding behind management townhalls and the bi-annual performance review cycles.

As a seasoned corporate careerist, I’ve experienced first-hand instances of supported, positive change journeys and unfortunately, many more mediocre, negative experiences. I invite you to read about some of these experiences here. [link to my bio page]

A year ago, I decided that how women view career acceleration and advancement needed a radical refresher because while career models have evolved, corporations’ attitudes towards women and our needs have lagged behind.

Hi, I’m Natasha BB, Chief Careerist, Career Freedom Advocate, Business and Executive Coach and industry-recognised Change Expert.


One of my favourite projects was helping Chevron move their offices from New Orleans to Covington in Louisiana following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That move impacted so many lives and was a difficult transition for many.

The city of New Orleans was upset that Chevron was leaving, the residents of Covington were concerned about the influx of traffic and pollution on their town, employees had to sell and buy homes, move their children out of schools and leave their friends and not to mention the corresponding public relations sensitivities related to the project. This was even before they moved into the new building!

I supported that entire transition very successfully.

As a Change Management expert, I’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting the art and science of listening to what my clients seek, translating their wants into the heart of the change transformation, often different than what they think they want and co-designing their career change journey.

I’ve spent my corporate career managing change of every magnitude.

Curious about more project examples from my career? Then meet me here.



Identify your team’s gamechanger
Clarify blocks + barriers
Build success scenarios

So I designed The C Method, a simple framework that walks through a visioning, strategy and road mapping exercise for both my private and corporate clients. My goal is to ensure each individual careerist has their own, personal career plan, not one dictated by their employer.

the careerist method



Brainstorm wins
Stretch every idea
Align it to success scenarios

Quarterly growth accelerator
Milestones to celebrate
Support + accountability Buddy

As a Business and Executive Coach, I include aspects of ontological coaching, chakra energy activations, cognitive behavioural psychology and my own 20-year background of employee and leadership coaching in my practice.

If I could help you and your team design a formula to infuse change topics as everyday work conversations, what would you say?

- How to find your Career Success Formula and then disrupt it!
- How an entrepreneurial approach to your career will make you happier
- Why aren’t more women demanding accelerated careers for themselves?
- What women want and wish for in the workplace
- Is a Success Culture part of your company’s DNA?
- What caring about workplace diversity actually means + inclusive behaviours everyone appreciates (not just women or minorities)

Alongside coaching my private clients, twice a month, I work with companies and corporations to deliver powerful workshop experiences on the following topics:

Our Corporate Coaching Workshop Experience includes:


I work with leaders to take apart these topics and align them with each company’s culture and the behaviours they promote. Prior to each intervention, I also seek anonymous, independent feedback from the attendees collectively to use as relevant, meaningful data points for discussion.


- A 60-minute planning call with Natasha
- An in-depth digital onboarding plan to understand how your team best operates
- A customised survey for your team members in advance of the workshop
- A dedicated Google drive folder containing planning and delivery resources


- A 20-minute Ted-like keynote speech
- A 20-minute interactive activity
- A 20-minute Q+A session
- A 15-minute summary and closeout


- A feedback survey to identify any additional gaps that need support
- Free 30-day access to The Careerist Sisterhood for female employees ONLY

Investment – Starting at £5000 for a 75-minute workshop, to a maximum of 15 participants

Access to a community forum with breakout spaces for specific topics
Functionality to chat 1:1 with other members
Participation in our interactive polls
A free monthly online workshop hosted by industry experts on career, success and lifestyle topics
Fortnightly group coaching sessions on themes based on our annual coaching curriculum
Surprise, flash digital coffee chats
Access to The Vault - all our courses, free and paid resources designed to help with finding purpose through work, navigating career advancement and transformation journeys, empower emerging leaders and more
A monthly Hot List of resources you should work through based on each month’s theme - this could include podcasts, Ted talks, books, The Careerist worksheets, Spotify playlists, meditations, outfit ideas and inspiring women to know

I invite all my corporate clients to enrol in my annual membership program so that all their female employees have access to the Careerist Sisterhood community. 

The freedom and belonging resulting from an all-women group membership where you’re free to ask questions, vent and seek support where ordinarily, most women either stay silent or seek advice from non-credible sources – is truly priceless.

The Careerist Sisterhood Membership Community includes:

£9999 annually or £2799 per quarter for unlimited memberships, otherwise individual memberships are £149 monthly. 

Membership investment:

…trying something your corporation wouldn’t ordinarily have!

Open to adopting a new age mentality to change

…leading your team to a new level of change experiences

Desperate for new ideas on how to approach a change management experience for your team

…showing what you mean through decisive action, not just more words

Eager to enhance your skills as a transformational leader

…infusing doses of excitement, risk and inspiration by just showing up

Bold and ready to try something different for the next team event

…daring to shake things up and doing it differently – you’re “trendsetting!”

Determined to open the dialogue for less traditional topics

…adopting a game changer attitude in the workplace, because disruption starts with YOU

Inspired to share meaningful, memorable and transformative experiences with your team

…co-creating the future of your organisation with your team by your side, as a whole

Prepared to enable facilitative leadership and accountability between co-workers

…investing in results through systemic shifts, woven into the fabric of your company’s DNA

Tired of the mundane, routine and typical ways of doing things

… having bountiful emotional energy to devote to ourselves and reinforcing our self-love

Determined to see results through more positive attitudes and behavioural shifts

… renewing our motivation and courage to strive for the money we know we’re worth

Concerned about a better future for yourself and your company

“I believe that every small step is a victory. That acknowledging and starting the conversation can be inclusive. That diversity can propel our female leaders forward. That power can be shared by amplifying her voice. That opportunity is created. That the future is female.”

My wish in my second career is to help and support as many people as I possibly can while being compensated in a way that aligns with my worth. So… if you’re a team of five or less people and you don’t mind sharing the workshop with another organisation, please email us at and we’ll put you on the waiting list for joint workshops.

Alternatively, we have a payment partner, Klarna, with whom you can do instalments with.

01. My team / organisation is small. Do you offer more affordable alternatives?

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Everything that you need is on this page. If you need MORE information, and are strongly interested, we recommend that you schedule a planning call [link here] so we can collaboratively explore all the intersections.

02. What other ‘selling points’ can I use to convince my manager to invest in this workshop?

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Good question – no reason at all! Hire whomever aligns best with your personal and professional belief and value system. But I will say that if you’re looking for a workshop that’s MEMORABLE, that will leave you thinking, questioning and one where the presenter is engaging, energised and well, fun – then you should experience this workshop with me. You’re not “hiring” me - our work is co-created.

03. Why should my team / organisation hire you and not another experienced professional?

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All our transactions have to go through our Shop / Shopify page as it’s our method of payment. Delayed payment via invoicing is not something we can accommodate at this time. However, most companies with this requirement typically entrust executives with a corporate credit card and this can be used as a workaround for payment.

If all else fails, please email us on to register your interest and we’ll let you know if anything changes!

04. My company only works on an invoice basis – how do we proceed?

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That’s entirely dependent on you and your objectives. I can deliver sessions to teams as a whole (women and men) or do separate, more immersive women only sessions for select topics.

The important thing to consider here is that change is a collaborative dialogue encouraged through awareness, education and mutual respect. Educating ONLY women won’t support the overall experience – including men is a great first step and one we, here at The Careerist, advocate.

05. Is this session for both women AND men?

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A myriad of different types, depending on the goal / objective, space constraints and number of participants. As a career consultant, I have an arsenal of tools and techniques at my disposal from Lean Six Sigma tools, meditation / visualisation, day-in-a-life role play and out-of-the-box ones like gameshows and quizzes.

You’re paying for the entire experience. The nature of my work is so high touch and bespoke that I can only dedicate myself to TWO workshops a month for this specific reason. Nothing I do involves the traditional PPT, standing in front of crowded slides you can’t read and then sticking post-it notes on large format paper! Change starts with ME.

06. What type of activities do you do in your coaching workshops?

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