To cause someone to feel a particular way or create a situation. At The Careerist, we aspire to change the way societal norms have shaped the way women are perceived and treated in the workplace and thereby, world. No woman should have to feel less – in any way or made to feel less because of her gender. We’re all gifted differently but our rights are equal.

05. Engender

A skill, talent or natural ability you possess that’s a gift to the world. Recognising and harnessing the superpower(s) you have should be your gateway to serving others, hence ‘work’ is simply a platform to show up, be yourself and share your best self whilst getting rewarded sufficiently to motivate and propel you and your lifestyle forward.

04. Superpower

A story you constantly work and build on as the seasons in your life grow and evolve but with the ultimate goal of waking up daily to serve and do what you’re most naturally gifted to do whilst rewarding yourself in a way that fulfills your whole being. The story of being truly free in heart, mind and soul.

03. Freedom Story

Being in a position to dream, design and write your freedom story on your terms whilst living a lifestyle that fulfills personal and professional satisfaction, with intention, meaning and connection. Living a life you truly love while being rewarded for using your best, most natural talents and abilities.

02. CEO of Your Life Status

An ambitious, high-achieving career woman who prides herself on her success. She is any and every woman aspiring to or currently having a career. She’s an employee, entrepreneur or possibly just a dreamer for now. 

01. Careerist

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