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Using the backdrop of her own colourful life, Natasha tells the story of how a young 19-year old from Singapore blossomed into a successful careerist and female founder, having lived in five countries across three continents in 20 years.

Any ambitious endeavour seems daunting as a whole but when broken down into the sum of its parts, is already more achievable. This premise and the mental narrative of “I can complete THIS step” is the basis of the ‘Dare To’ mindset.

As individuals, we don’t have to dare to do very big things all at once but simply promising ourselves to do one step in our quest to achieve big, is all it takes. These steps are cumulative in building our confidence and positive mental energy to continue and eventually, achieve our goal.

Having left home at 19, Natasha shares many examples of how her own ‘Dare To’ mindset helped her achieve some of her proudest life accomplishments - from getting paid to do a degree, flying business class and collecting nine proud KLM houses, working in over 10 countries globally and learning to drive at 26.

Her bright, energetic presence will light up a room and hold an audience while her admittance of some vulnerabilities will have them rooting for her throughout. 

keynote 1: From Singapore to Scotland


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As a woman who successfully navigated a career in the oil and gas industry, Natasha is well poised to share how she broke all the rules taught to her and charted her own course to find career success and fulfilment.

We’ve been conditioned our whole lives through school and our societal upbringing to conform, play by the rules and wait for the success that comes with meeting the status quo. Ironically though, we’re inundated with stories of successful people - in life, career etc., all of whom have the ‘rebel’ gene in common.

Growing up in a conservative Asian society, family and religious background, Natasha shares her story of how not fitting in was precisely her winning formula. And how, through her exploits as an employee, freelancer, consultant and now, entrepreneur, she’s perfected the art of designing your own career.

This keynote is filled with a rollercoaster of relatable emotions, as Natasha infuses her expertise in managing change, to tell her stories of feeling ballsy enough to tell her first employer that “yes, I’m over-qualified” but convincing him she’s the candidate of choice or landing in Oman for a project, not knowing a single soul and feeling the “oh dear” moments.

keynote 2: breaking all the rules


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