One:One Consultations

Focus on your best strengths to immediately elevate your executive presence

Struggling to break the barrier to your next growth level even though you're enjoying career success?

With the lack of strong + willing female mentors in the workplace, the ebbs + flows of success can feel lonely but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Take a moment to feel proud of yourself – you’re in the minority of women vying for / currently in senior corporate leadership. We’re here to support your success sustainably so it aligns to your North Star + life goals with ease + flow.

What You Need


A Trusted Advisor, Global Networking Agent + Implementation partner in your executive career pursuits.


A Chief People Officer for you to address your HR + Finance needs + all the unspoken corporate inner workings.


A Personal Career Concierge in supplying resources to upgrade all your career assets.


A confidant + mentor you can share your fears, insecurities + frustrations without judgement or repercussion.

Hello Careerista— Welcome Home


I'm on a mission to shatter the glass ceiling so more mid-career women naturally progress to leadership + executive roles.

I spent 20 years working in the male-dominated energy industry, experiencing firsthand the unfair biases + unspoken rules against women. It didn’t stop me from making a name for myself as an executive who managed million dollar budgets, global teams + delivered complex projects. In fact, it strengthened my resolve.

Although I loved my corporate career, I felt a calling to help other women embody their own executive presence so they can confidently navigate their careers – regardless of the circumstances.

Today I’ve packaged the frameworks I used for teams, executives + management to deliver the same big impact, high value results – for those I’m most passionate about, WOMEN LIKE YOU!

What To Expect


so we maximise our time together on co-creating your unique solutions. We’ll get to know you before our call so we can instantly connect.

Virtual Bonding

Hosted exclusively via your own Client Dashboard. Everything you need to know - call schedules, notes, tools, connections in one place + your dedicated Client Concierge.


In feedback. Everything you need to hear - from Natasha first, to ensure your success. We’ll unravel truths together.


Not just to Natasha + her team but to her global network of senior leaders, executive recruiters, HR professionals + service-based entrepreneurs.

How to decide

Still wondering if One:One Consultations are what you need? Take our HOW TO GET STARTED QUIZ + answer some questions to guide us on your goals, budget + schedule so we can help you decide! Please view our PROGRAM + PRICING GUIDE for details as well.

Client Praise

“mind blown” | “starts with me” | “invest in you” | “thankful” | “love the revolution” | “never the same again” | “mind blown” | “starts with me” | “invest in you” | “thankful” | “love the revolution” | “never the same again” | “mind blown” | “starts with me” | “invest in you” | “thankful” | “love the revolution” | “never the same again” | “mind blown” | “starts with me” | “invest in you” | “thankful” | “love the revolution” | “never the same again” |