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Three things; one – our ethos of courage, connection and care as we strive to elevate our sisterhood through enrichment. Two – our signature Female Career Revolution framework is the first of its kind because we approach success from within instead of focusing purely on external interventions like resumes / interviews. Three – our programs are designed to be integrated into your lifestyle regularly vs. a twice yearly check in.

Visualising your success as a leader in whichever form you choose requires you to consistently upgrade yourself. Be it in courses, books, events or people – enrichment is key to next-level development.

Our audits are designed for quick win interventions for very specific goals + require a significant amount of pre-work input from you to maximise the 30min investment. A consultation is a deeper dive into one or two goals with mindset work, strategy + an action plan to activate your transformation.

We offer monthly 15min guides which are a wealth of information for free – however, they are only available for the month. Sign up to our Savour Your Selfish newsletter + be the first to know when it’s available. Collate everything in your free digital Career Dashboard, downloadable via our Shop. We’d also love to have you over on our Instagram where we share valuable insights Mon-Fri @thecareeristhq.

A significant, introductory cost saving! After our pre-sale, our prices will increase. In January 2023, prices will increase again to the true sale price so we encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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