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How would you feel about designing a purpose-driven life, one where you manifest your boldest, dreamiest career goals yet remain true to yourself? 

Whether it’s career advancement, a career pivot, rebranding yourself through a career transformation or escaping the corporate world and starting a business, growing and evolving into a new season of our lives involves change.

Often, we’re unsure or indecisive about which path or approach to take for the career change we seek but what we’re sure of is that we want more career freedom, fulfilment and happiness.

More recognition and compensation for our efforts at work, more time to devote to making memories with our loved ones. More energy - mentally, physically and emotionally to be present in the moment.

More freedom to live a life that we’ve intentionally designed for ourselves.
One that makes us gleeful with excitement to wake up the next morning.

Natasha Baker Bjoerndal, Founder - The Careerist

Career Success comes down to two things:
self-confidence to be bold enough to take risks, do uncomfortable things; and a memorable personal brand experience.

Have you been working for at least 5 years?
Are you looking for career coaching designed specifically for women?
Are you ambitious, ready to invest in your future?

If you answered yes, then welcome to WIN.
Win is different - it's an adaptive coaching framework designed for women only. It takes into account our unique career paths, life pivots and combines both an analytical + creative approach to confidence building, ideation and solution seeking.

Do you want join the company of WIN-ning women who can embrace + embody their fears, self-doubt and failures, turning them into heartfelt success stories? 

Leap into playing bigger in your career.
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One of my favourite projects was helping Chevron move their offices from New Orleans to Covington in Louisiana following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That move impacted so many lives and was a difficult transition for many.

The city of New Orleans was upset that Chevron was leaving, the residents of Covington were concerned about the influx of traffic and pollution on their town, employees had to sell and buy homes, move their children out of schools and leave their friends and not to mention the corresponding public relations sensitivities related to the project. This was even before they moved into the new building!

I supported that entire transition very successfully.

As a Change Management expert, I’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting the art and science of listening to what my clients seek, translating their wants into the heart of the change transformation, often different than what they think they want and co-designing their career change journey.

I’ve spent my corporate career managing change of every magnitude.

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Do a 180, make a bold leap into something totally DIFFERENT! Even starting a business perhaps.



Make a move to a different role, function or industry, double down on your career fulfilment.



Get a strategy in place to secure your promotion, uplevel your personal brand + make more money!



Our signature coaching program consists of 4 sessions over 6 weeks.  


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If you're a professional woman who's impatient, lost, unsure or uncomfortable where you are in mid-career, then we may be a perfect match. I'm here because I've LIVED through all the transformations I offer my clients + I'm so confident of my process, I'm willing to show you!

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Let's get you a career breakthrough to celebrate!

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Camilla M. - Senior Corporate Executive

“I finally found my career inspiration with a C-level position at a smaller company. I manifested the life I secretly wanted! I make more money and I have the freedom to enjoy time with my son
(and sometimes even a facial!).”

“Talk about finding a new career! Who would’ve thought that I’d be a Design Assistant working at a private atelier. Natasha helped me find my purpose. She’s given me the confidence (and courage) to develop a plan to launch my own line in three years! Thank you so much.”

Ariana S. - Marketing Manager turned Fashion Designer

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“Once I found my voice, my personal brand went from 0 to 60 in no time. I’d heard about a ‘purpose driven career’ before but now I’m really living it! I got the promotion, had the balls to ask for more days off and I even managed to land two conferences next year.
What a difference!”

Emma B. - Senior Management Accountant

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I’ve designed this program for every woman who sees her profession as a career. The important distinction about whether you need this coaching program is simply if you’re ready for a career change, whether it be a career pivot, career transition, a complete career change or just some tweaks to fast-track your career.

You could also be a woman in business, a female entrepreneur, a mompreneur and all women CEOs. If you’re on a self-owned career journey and realise you need a change, then this coaching program is for you to help with your career growth, personal development and most of all, help you achieve results.

01. Who is this coaching program most suitable for?

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If I’m honest and candid, you shouldn’t do it now because you’re clearly not ready for the change ahead of you. Investing in yourself is not just a monetary value, it involves hard work in asking difficult questions, facing up to your fears and insecurities and being vulnerable enough to share your story with others.

I’d recommend you start with our Careerist Sisterhood membership to get a feel of what our experience is like first and sign up to our fortnightly Sunday newsletter, BRUNCH IN BED to be invited to our exclusive SECRET SESSIONS where I welcome 20 people to troubleshoot through their current questions with me.

02. I’m on the fence. Should I pull the trigger and invest?

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YES! Via our payment partner, Klarna – more information via our Shop page.

03. Can I pay in instalments?

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We start with THREE sessions because it’s the minimum viable number of times us humans need to do something to ground any habit successfully. Then we pause for a week or two so you can DO THE WORK and our last session is focused on your biggest gaps – where you need the most support.

04. Why are the coaching sessions spread over six weeks?

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Many reasons! But the most important ones are:
1 – I have a proven track record of success and delivery (see my LinkedIn profile)
2 – My coaching is very much a process of co-creation where we BOTH design something meaningful for you, together. I infuse my own proprietary framework The C Method, an ontological coaching approach (combines language, moods and speech to inspire transformation), the chakra framework which grounds all YOUR superpowers and energy sources, cognitive behavioural psychology and my deep background in 1:1 + group coaching.
3 – Like any educator, my goal is to teach and guide you to own your transformational process so that you’re equipped to navigate your own vision and goals beyond our six-weeks together. I believe that with just ONE coaching intervention program per year, you can prime yourself for year-round success.

05. What makes you different than other coaches out there?

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Interesting, unexpected and fun! My personality is warm, welcoming and I build trust quickly because I start sharing vulnerable information about myself with you from the get go. So our sessions mirror chats with your BFF and an appointment at the doctor all at once. As approachable as I am, I’m also direct, honest and firm.

I’m here to get you RESULTS. I’m not here just to help you feel better about yourself – I can recommend other Career Coaches who are softer in their approach if you prefer. At the end of the day, I ask myself how valuable our time has been for you, six-months down the road. Transformations don’t happen all at once – they’re sudden, incremental, bursts of energy and shifts in our beliefs and mindset.

06. How would you describe the coaching experience with you?

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