Something’s holding you back

Maybe you’re spinning magic daily for your employer and you want to sky rocket yourself to a space where your powers are felt, not just heard. Maybe you want to take the plunge and reap the rewards of your talents for your own company. Or maybe you’re waking up and finally opening your eyes, heart and mind to who you are, what you can do to serve and now you’re ready to kickstart that fresh version of you.

It's Time to

Amplify your superpowers + show the world who you really are! 

What connects a successful career, a bubbling idea and the eagerness to get re-started?

You’re unsure about how to accelerate and up-level your career.

You have an idea or a vague plan but you need that gut certainty and courage to proceed.

You’ve been out of the working world, taken a pause for a bit and you can’t find your way back in.

Knowing that you want, should, need and deserve to showcase your superpower the way you choose. These problems seem disconnected but at their root lies a woman who’s hungry for knowledge, mentorship, coaching and someone to design a game plan with.

The result? A personal life and career plan that paves the way to career fulfillment and lifestyle freedom. That means following your plan to achieve the lifestyle you always envisioned. It means living boldly, negotiating your asks, taking decisive action and daring to venture the unknown, uncomfortable and unchartered territories.

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I help you cut through the noise in your head to find your deep, soulful connection in your heart. My methods deliver bite-sized, actionable steps and targeted coaching and mentoring so you stay firmly focused on your freedom goals.

Our time together will up-level your confidence and allow you to dive head first into your most daunting aspirations. 

Navigating your career so you have a clear path to that promotion or dream job is truly within your reach. Making the jump from being an employee to launching a business you feel passionately about can be a reality in less time than you think. Finding a seat back at the working world table is not an impossible task. 

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There isn’t some scientific formula that can help you piece together enough self-confidence to decisively act on your goals. Rather, the formula is inspired action, practice, vulnerability and self-love. 

Confidence inspires trust.

When we trust ourselves enough to act on our dreams, our thoughts become a reality. So trust that superpower you’ve developed or honed. When we believe in ourselves, we instantly connect the dots between our heads and hearts. When we’re mentally and emotionally aligned, our actions flow. 

Confidence is sexy.

Confidence makes you more powerful.

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More About Me

Hi, I’m Natasha, Chief Careerist and CEO of my life! A management consultant turned entrepreneur with the heart, passion, skills and experience to help YOU amplify your superpowers and show the world who you truly are. I help ambitious women write freedom stories – the journey to claiming CEO status of you and your life.

Welcome to

The Careerist.

Come join our Careerist sisterhood and we’ll change the conversation for every female.

I’ve spent the past 20 years partnering with multinational, global companies and consulting firms. I’ve experienced some life-changing transformations – two marriages, a divorce, four global moves, six career switches and had my baby at 39! And boy, do I have some stories to share – snippets and nuggets to propel you into a space where you can enjoy your transformation without the pains I experienced. 

As a career consultant, I helped clients solve a myriad of people-related problems. I’ll do the same for you. Let’s talk though your biggest blocks and through an Ideation Lab session, I’ll support your transformation by introducing you to the right resources, people, programs or designing a custom strategy you can follow to amplify your superpower and live the change you seek!


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The Careerist is a platform for ambitious feminists to dream, design and write their freedom stories – their journey to claiming CEO status of themselves and their lives. 

It’s time for women to change the conversation about their innermost desires. It’s time to diversify gender roles. Women get to BE, LIVE and DO as they see themselves. Let’s redefine traditional roles – daughter, single girl, mother, wife, co-parent, pay gap victim, backseat household contributor. 

Show up.
Be inspired.
Get involved.
Change the world.

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Our blog and social media uphold our foundational pillars of CEO Lifestyle, Confidence, Choice, Celebrate, Change and Cherub.

Our vision is to redefine freedom, on OUR terms, through a feminist lens. We want to transform the way the world engenders women, one conversation at a time.

We’re here as the catalyst to inspire #thecareeristlifestyle so every feminist can bask in her self-defined CEO spot, shine in confidence, have the choice of how she shows up in the world, embrace change and celebrate every win, fall and blah-moment together with her fellow Careerist sisters out there.

Through free resources, coaching, courses and our sisterhood of careerists, we’ll empower you to grow and thrive where you need to in your career and life.

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