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I want fast results + deep impact. Support for executive upskilling, next-level career decisions, pivot plans.

I want to enrich myself with monthly learning experiences. Workshops, masterclasses, pitching practice, career panels.

I want accountability + lasting growth. First of its kind, all-female, immersive career course or accelerator.

I want the Hermes of careers. An investment for women who want results yesterday - with a CXO on Team You for 30 days.

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A career that sets you up for success, happiness in watching others win at work + people who truly SEE the amazing leader you truly are. But being a female executive is lonely + often unsupported in ways you *actually* need.

Forget stellar LinkedIn profiles, project management skills, negotiation prowess or how to hire. Why aren’t women mentored on how to transition from employee to executive, how to lead with emotion + build followership, how to co-create a vision or how to ask for help without feeling incompetent?

As a Management Consultant for Fortune 100 companies, Natasha has infused her global experience + expertise in navigating people-centred change to zero in on what she’s most passionate about – building women up.

Using her signature Female Career Revolution framework, she emphasises a CEO mindset + a 360 career experience to help mid-career women transition into powerful, respected + memorable industry leaders.

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We’re here to hold your hand and tell you – YES, you do have what it takes and YES, you are good enough. No, you won’t be disappointing anyone but yourself if you don’t take this leap of faith in yourself. Gift yourself the grace for failure + permission to let go of the guilt of making your desires a priority.

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