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I help ambitious women boldly embrace and embody change in their career + life. At The Careerist, our vision is to redefine career freedom, on OUR terms, through a feminist lens. We want to transform the way the world engenders women in the workplace, one conversation at a time.

Natasha, Chief Careerist, Career Freedom Advocate, Executive Coach
and Career Change Consultant.

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ke • rie • rist | noun

Someone who prides their professional advancement and career ambitions as a top priority and who will go to great lengths to achieve success for their life goals.

I believe that by embracing our most authentic identity, we become crystal clear about who we truly want to be in this world. That our work should be an extended self-expression of our best skills and abilities. 

I believe that to look our best, we need to feel our best. That to feel our best, we need to surround ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally with joyful people, activities and things that make life full and worthwhile. That the opportunity to experience daily happiness is a personal decision.

I believe that every female pursuing a career can empower herself to her fullest potential. That the right mindset can motivate us to project the image we want. That designing a life we truly love is only one roadmap away from becoming an achievable reality. That the journey towards freedom is within our reach, starting today.

I believe that every small step is a victory. That acknowledging and starting the conversation can be inclusive. That diversity can propel our female leaders forward. That power can be shared by amplifying her voice. That opportunity is created. That the future is female.


Careerist Manifesto


“In just a few sessions with Natasha, I now have my own career jungle gym that we designed.”

- Michelle F.

“In a month, I went from cubicle life to almost owning a business! Thanks Natasha for forcing me to own my superpower.”

- Alexis C.

“Natasha helped me start from zero. I’m now working in a job I love – thank you!”

- Elizabeth H.


42% of mothers quit after having a baby

15% of women get bypassed for promotion

34% of female entrepreneurs don't succeed

did you know?

We have the power to change the conversation.

- Natasha BB

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